Saturday, 30 April 2016

Globe to Present Wearable Advanced Sensor Platform at the Smart Fabrics Summit

Smart Fabrics Summit

The US Department of Commerce in collaboration with the Industrial Fabrics Association International has invited the well-known Globe Manufacturing Company to share their thoughts at what can be called as the first of its kind, Smart Fabrics Summit planned to be conducted in Washington DC. It is known that Penny Pritzker, the US Secretary of Commerce will take the onus of moderating the selected panel of business leaders. 

The summit is being conducted as a way to foster the relations between the US Apparels and this new found technology to give to the identification of public policies, which can push the idea of designing and manufacturing of smart fabrics.

Globe, along with Propel, its team project partner is slated to present the system devised for fire-fighters as well as other first responders, to monitor real-time physiology as well as location known as the Wearable Advanced Sensor Platform or WASP.

Expressing her consent on the same, Ms.Pritzker agreed that the rapid advancement in technology is doing a great job in fostering some much desired changes in textile sector by aiding the development of new capabilities. This, is fact, has brought about a revolution in the way everyday consumers, first responders, athletes and even patients interact with their apparels.

WASP is one such step towards changing the way people, especially first responders see their clothes as. These smart-fabrics will not only interact with the environment of the wearer but will also communicate the details of the same to the relevant devices with the help of conductive yarns and embedded sensors. 

More often than not fire-fighters undergo extremely stressful circumstances during the performance of their duties, and it is this stress that account for as much as 50% of the line of duty deaths in the United States Fire Administration. This stress and exertion is often a result of the escalated thermal environment, the heavily insulated and rather uncomfortable protective clothing, handling of heavy equipment accompanied by the individual status of health of each fire-fighter. Even during the course of carrying out an emergency operation, these fighters are put under a lot of stress owing to the extreme hazards that they’re exposed to.
The Wearable Advanced Sensor Platform not only tracks vitals of the body such as heart rate variability and core body temperature, but also keeps a record of the level of activity, the rate of respiration and numerous physiological aspects along with generating the 3D location of the fighter in the given building.

It is for this reason, that WASP offers helps through instructors at various academies  to simulate the physiological state as well as track the personnel, thus propelling due decision making capabilities. According to the Globe Manufacturing Company, this will go a long way in improving on safety measures as well as getting more efficient outcomes during the training sessions.

WASP is also working towards offering a similar tool to track the physiological status as well as the location of incident commanders, thus shortening the time required for rescuing a downed personnel on duty!

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