Thursday, 28 April 2016

Digital Textile Summit 2016 to be Held On Dec 7

Biggest textile event in India

As per a press release from the Inkjet Forum India, the 2016 Digital Textile Summit will be held on the 7th of December, in concurrence with the ITME 2016, the largest trade show of textile technology in India! Organised by the Inkjet Forum India, this will be the 6th conference pertaining to digital textile printing in India. According to the release, this year the conference will be held at Mumbai’s Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

The conference is slated to witness various talks and a plethora of presentations on a wide array of industry specific topics such as - High speed printing solutions for digital fabric, increase in overall profits through efficient digital printing, analysis of the digital textile printing market in India. Other subjects that are believed to make the conference engaging and rather eye-opening for the participants are - pigment inkjet technology with respect to textiles, upcoming technology for textile sublimation printing, and the factors such as new business models that are driving digital textile printing! For what it’s worth, various other subjects such as durable printing for home textiles, direct disperse inkjet printing on synthetic fabrics, and other new system solutions will also see the light of the day at this much awaited summit!

As per the Inkjet Forum, the development of high-speed inkjet printers, the emergence of new technologies, and the reliability of the overall technique have all lead to the steady growth in the output pertaining to the digital printed textiles. The forum agreed to the challenges that lay ahead of the new entrants in this arena, especially with respect to gaining insights on the choice of systems as well as technology that will be profitable for them to invest in. Yet another difficulty for the emerging business models is to realise the importance of digital printing with respect to their specific line of business. As per the forum, this mega-event will help the businesses that are still taking baby steps in the industry to resolve these inevitable issues by offering them an ideal platform for sharing their ideas, opportunities and challenges, with industry stalwarts and other stakeholders, thus finding some worthy solutions directed at the growth of the industry on the whole!

Mr.Aditya Chandavarkar, the founder of the Inkjet Forum India expressed his satisfaction on the fact that digital textile printing has finally arrived in the Indian scenario and has spread like a wildfire in all segments including garments, furnishings, soft signage as well as industrial fabrics. He also threw light on the seemingly low penetration of the digitally printed textiles that amount to less than 3 percent by volume, but then seemed hopeful based on the fact that the market size is way too huge, and that growth in this segment will only accelerate exponentially! According to him, in India alone, the digital printing market is worth $300 million, and has witnessed a staggering growth of over 95 percent in the year 2014-15, thanks to the increase in installation base for the relevant printing machinery.

While the date has already been announced, the forum is still on the lookout for sponsors as well as speakers for the conference, and the detailed programme will be laid out only after these are finalised. The announcement of the same is expected by the end of this month!

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