Thursday, 26 May 2016

Mills Online - Selling Stocklot Wasn’t So Simpler Earlier

Sell textile surplus stock

It has been quite some time now that technology has taken over in our lives. Connectivity whether it is through the internet or the mobile platform has taken a huge leap, and boundaries seem to wither with each passing day. 

What was meant to be strictly scientific or technological progress at one point in time, has now descended to be a part of our everyday lives, and we couldn’t be more thankful. The internet has brought about a staggering revolution in the way that businesses function, and even the textile world has welcomed this change with open arms. After all, for all we know, the online arena has made lives much simpler, especially with respect to helping out businesses in reaching out to their audiences in a rather quick and efficient manner, which also happens to be cost-effective, and luckily so!

There was a time, when almost everybody, right from a small scale textile manufacturer to the owner of an exceedingly large textile mill, had to frequent the so called ‘kapda bazaars’ in order to get an insight of the market trends, and strike mutually beneficial deals with the street vendors and retailers. As flawed as this system was, pertaining to the unorganized manner of functioning, and low profitability, it went on for a few centuries.  However, underneath this huge chaos, the desire for a radical shift constantly endured. And it wasn’t long before, that this thirst for change was finally quenched. And needless to say, it brought along with itself, a more than promising future for the textile industry!

Well, come the internet and the textile sector, especially the B2B trading has become a cake walk, calling for huge expansions at scales that were almost unimaginable back in the day! Thanks to the umpteen number of online portals that encourage online trading and have given sellers a fairly efficient platform to showcase their stocklot in the swiftest way possible. This has given way to seamless opportunities wherein these stocklots can be viewed and purchased by interested buyers from all across the world. Simply put, now the manufacturers and dealers do not go to the buyers, but the buyers find their way to them, through one of the many responsive websites that facilitate the trading of textiles, all at the click of the mouse. Right from listing the stocklot, to getting hits on it with various offer prices, and participating in bids and auctions, to getting the stock shipped to the buyer, it can all be handled through the digital media, or if we can say so, the ‘Mills Online’!

Now, that you realise that selling stocklot has become as simple as reading ABC, why not get yourself registered with a trusted web portal like that handles textile stock trading and stay ahead of the curve. After all, you are the master of your fate and the captain of your destiny!

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