Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Resource Calculator A Much Needed Innovation For Textile Industry

Resource calculator

In the present day scenario, as for any other industry, the most pressing need in the textile industry is to create sustainable solutions that help in the conservation of resources to the greatest extent possible. A feasible way to ensure that resources are conserved is to gauge the textile manufacturing process meticulously and pin-pointing the areas where there is some potential to initiate savings. Since energy, water and additives are the major components that go into the manufacturing of textiles, it is the saving of these very elements that matter the most. In this regard, the Resource Calculator has come off as a major relief. 

The major attributes that make the Resource Calculator, a one of its kind product is its inherent ability of measuring the cost and performance profile with respect to a manufacturing process on  the basis of simple parameters such as chemicals, water, dyes, energy and time. Moreover the calculator also helps in creating an environmental profile on the basis of actual measurements of -
·         COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
·         BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)
·         CO2 Emissions
·         Energy Consumption
·         Water Usage

The Resource Calculator is a sophisticated tool that avails, accurate data measurement and analysis, for manufacturers and brand owners to draw a comparison with respect to CO2 emissions for different processes. It thus helps the users to make an informed decision on the basis of measurable indicators. This eventually enables them to save costs as well as time since they can easily select the requisite products at a rather early stage of the manufacturing process. 

The Resource Calculator is accompanied by a web based application, which further helps in bringing down the overall environmental impact of the textile manufacturing process through the advance verification of the components and raw materials used in the production process.

Thanks to this outstanding innovation, manufactures can now conveniently compare the procedures followed at their facility with that of various BAT processes, which by far make use of the best available techniques. This will greatly help the manufacturers in saving direct resources along with economising on the cost and time fronts. When used ideally, the resource calculator can actually help a company increase its resources productivity to the maximum, thereby resulting in savings of whopping proportions such as 50% in case of water, 30% in that of energy and 15% with respect to chemicals! It is the set benchmarks that are believed to result in immediate cost savings as well as reduction in the overall environmental impact.

Simply put, the Resource Calculator is predetermined to go a long way with respect to optimising the process of textile manufacturing, thus saving a significant amount of resources and attenuating the environmental impact through the use of intelligent process technology! 

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