Monday, 31 August 2015

Why Persian Carpets Are Considered The Best In The World?

Persian Carpets

It is not just today, that the Persian carpets have caught the eyes of the lovers of their rugs. In fact, the carpets woven in this part of the world have been doing the rounds in the most famous art galleries for centuries now. Made of high-quality wool, these carpets are woven on silk warps which give them their eccentric fine quality. Needless to say, when you set out to buy one, these carpets can dig a hole in your pocket, however, you will still not want to complain! Such is the charisma of these hand-woven wonders!
If you’re still wondering, why is that the Persian rugs are considered to be the best in the world, take a look at the below mentioned points and see for yourself!

The Impeccable Perfection

All Persian carpets are hand woven, without any exceptions, whatsoever. It is for this reason that each carpet comes with a distinguished pattern, completely distinct from all others. The level of perfection of the weaving artists is such that, it gave way to a strange custom, whereby every artisan is required to make one visible flaw in the weave. It is their own way to express that complete perfection is only in the hands of the Lord and none other. 

 The Astounding Art

       The land of Iran sees carpet weaving as an essential art. In fact, for a very long time, there did not exist carpet trading, for the simple reason, that these rugs re more than just business to the natives. Rather, they are a way of life. Woven from hand, these rugs give way to such imposing art, that their designs and make are usually copied by various artists across the globe

       The High Quality

Persian rugs can be easily distinguished from others based on the fact that these consist of as many as 1500 knots per square inch, which proffers them with an appearance of a thick pile, unlike any other!

The Unparalleled Designs

Persian Rugs have since long been known for their immaculate patters and stupendous designs, that come lively with their brilliant mix of colours! Their excellent yarns patina and exquisite textures are something to lookout for. So much is their brilliance that these carpets are today, being exported to over a 100 nations across the world, supporting over 1.2 million weavers in Iran.

 The Whopping Resale

Persian rugs are the best in the market and hence offer great resale value. In fact, many buyers see them as a rich heritage, one which can be passed on to generations. It is estimated that over a century or two from now, these Iranian rugs will be valued above all others, thus giving them a captivating hold over the cultural heritage! Moreover, these rugs have a payback value like none other, and can even prove to be good investments.

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