Monday, 22 June 2015

Upcoming Trends for Home Furnishing Textiles

Trends for Home Furnishing Textiles
Trends for Home Furnishing Textiles
In the present times, home furnishing textiles are all about creativity, styling and colour coordination. The markets are flooded with the choicest of textures and colours, and just so that you don’t miss out on the more sought after designs, here’s a quick look at the leading trends for the current year 2015-2016. And, believe it or not, it’s the simplest of them all, the colours that lay the most pivotal role in defining these trends.

Solid Colours

Not just the usual grey and beige, this year is marked by deeply saturated colours as well. Think plum, navy blue, or for that matter even bottle green. Not only do this colours give the much needed spacious feel to the interiors, but also work with almost any style of furniture, that you might want to adorn your home with.


Abstract art, right from the renowned paintings, to just another imagination of the dreaming human mind, everything can now be incorporated into home furnishing, and guess what it is in vogue as well!

Inspiration from the nature

Right from decorative wallpapers, to the bed-linens flora and foliage have always been and will continue to be appreciated in textiles related to home interiors. While natural hues work best in this arena, dusty tones and smoky effects are also gaining their fair share of attention this year.

All that glitters

While sophistication is how interiors are spelled these days, there is no denying the fact that a little bit of shimmer here and there with family of some likeable colours such as purple, maroon et all can help giving the home a striking look.

The soothing hues

While bright colours seem attractive only to some, the soothing tones of the blue-green family, are always a hit with one and all. The meditative aspects and their engaging qualities makes the colours of this family, highly popular among the masses.


Yes the good olden days are back, and how! Medleys of black and white, not only help bring out the interiors in a minimalistic way, but also give that much desired contemporary look to the apartment. 


Nothing is easier than teaming up the members of the same family of colour to obtain an astonishingly alluring look.  Tones of peach and pink are the best examples one can think of, in this regard.

This being said, some designers, also give a lot of preference to the patterns, specifically the designs of the textiles, which accentuate the look and feel of home furnishing. For example, patterns that contain a mishmash of shapes and figures that intrigue the human mind at the slightest of glance attract the end consumers. What also works best in this regard is an appealing mix of patterns, prints and colours, especially when experimented with more useful fabrics such as linen.  

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