Friday, 20 March 2015

From Dead-Stock To A Profit Deal – Mr. Chandran’s Story

On 14th February, 2014, Mr. Chandran was a happy man.

You know why?

He had just received a big order for kitchen linen – to the tune of 40 ‘HQ quantity worth more than 50 lakhs! This was the big deal that would rocket him to the big league, show his contemporaries that his business had mettle. He would do whatever it took for him to ensure that he delivered quality products on time, which would in-turn boost his goodwill in the market. In such a high note, Chandran set out to start his way towards fulfilling the order. Right from taking stock of the inventory, delegating tasks to suitable staff members, planning ahead for the production,  warehousing, transportation and delivery –Chandran did not leave any stone unturned to deliver nothing but the best.

After days of hard work and anticipation, the day of dispatching the kitchen linen arrived. However, what unfolded left Chandran perplexed beyond belief! Right before flagging off the container, Mr. Chandran received a call from Tony D’Costa, Mouhak USA, the buyer who had ordered for the 40 HQ quantity of kitchen linen. Thinking that he might be enquiring about the status of cargo, Chandran answered the phone with a happy tone. A few minutes into the conversation, colour drained from Chandran’s face. D’Costa had a bad news, and it was that he had gone bankrupt. With his business shut down, he could not fulfil his commitment of buying the huge quantity of kitchen linen he had ordered for.

In the next few seconds, Chandran reflected on all the troubles he had gone through to acquire,acquire stock and arrange for the dispatch of that huge cargo. Cutting the call, Chandran went to his office and tries contemplating what to do next. He had taken a huge loan to execute this order. Without any clear idea, he ordered that the kitchen linen stock be shifted to his warehouse; where it would stay put for the next 8 months!

During this period, Chandran fulfilled many successful orders, but nothing huge enough that could consume thecan come closer to  humongous quantity of 40 ‘HQ kitchen linen order. The stock sat heavy on his head and he constantly worried about how to sell it off. He had no clue how to repay the loan and had started defaulting on interest installments also because of funds shortage.  It was during this time, during a random session of internet surfing, that he found, and was instantly intrigued. Immediately getting in touch with the team of, he uploaded the details of his textile stock on the website and also shared the offer sheet with the team. 

Chandran was amazed that he began receiving potential enquiries within a few days. A stock that was as good as dead stock for him was invoking interest among the users of; he could after all sell it off and unlock the value struck in the stock for 8 months. at a profit! After sifting through the many inquiries, he selected the few that were suitable, and sold off the whole lot of 40 ‘HQ within a weeks’ time!. He got full payment for his goods from before the goods dispatched.

So satisfied he is with the prompt results of that he is now a happy and a regular user of the service, and recommends the same to his friends and contemporaries too!

Success story in textile industry
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